Tuesday, July 3, 2012

“There's a few things I've learned in life: always throw salt over your left shoulder, keep rosemary by your garden gate, plant lavender for good luck, and fall in love whenever you can.”

~William Shakespeare

One of the most commonly known, recognized and appreciated scents is that of lavender.  Widely used throughout history for bathing, cooking and scenting the air, clothing and linens, lavender was used for mummification and perfume by the Egyptians, Phoenicians and peoples of Arabia.
Medicinally, lavender has been used for migraine headaches, insomnia and as a powerful antibacterial. Also used to soothe insect bites, burns, rashes and sunburns, lavender has antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties. Herbalists use it in treating fungal infections and acne.
Effective in loosening congestion from cold and flu, a few drops of essential oils are diffused into the air or added to a bath or shower.  Dried lavender in the pillow case is said to promote restful sleep.  There are few plants as calming as the lovely lavender.

Some recent studies have reported success in alleviating alopecia, anxiety and postoperative pain.
Used to scent and flavour jelly, lavender is also popular with main dishes and of course the famous herbes de provence seasoning.
Add the delicate taste and fragrance to scones, brownies, muffins, cakes, sorbets and teas.  Divine.

Lavender is used for work with the 7th chakra to promote peace, tranquility and a sense of oneness.  It assists with clearing crown chakra and bringing the other chakras into balance.
Dried lavender buds have become popular as wedding confetti.  What an aromatic way to send off a bride and groom!

atONE infuses carrier oils with organic lavender buds to create calming and skin-soothing body oils, face serums, body butters and balms.  The essential oil is blended in room & linen sprays, yoga mat spray, hydrosols, cold & flu synergy oil and aromatherapy roll-ons.  

When working with lavender, choose herbs from a reputable source with sustainable practices or grow your own plants and enjoy the benefits of working with fresh and dried buds and leaves.  One of my favourite suppliers is Mountain Rose Herbs.

Choose essential oils that are therapeutic grade for best results.  A few drops on a tissue in your pocket is a lovely aromatherapy go-to throughout a stressful day.  A couple drops on the floor mats of your car keeps you calm in traffic on long commutes.  A drop or two in the bath at night helps sleep come easy.

Remember, too much of a good thing... lavender in excess can cause headaches in those prone to getting them, as well as possibly create an allergic reaction if overused.  

Children should not take the essential oil internally, however a couple drops on a cotton pad is a calming and soothing topical treatment for minor cuts, scrapes and bug bites.  Added to aloe vera gel, the blend is soothing for sunburns and irritated skin.

A beautiful farm where I source some of my lavender essential oils is Harvest Moon Farms.  If you are in California, or close by, check them out.

If you are in the Alberta area, and are not up to infusing and blending on your own time, here's my website with a few of the lavender products listed. atONE Holistic Living.

However you choose to bring lavender into your life, enJOY!  
The content provided on this site is meant to inform not diagnose or treat specific health conditions.  Consult a physician if pregnant, nursing, have a current health condition or are on medication, before using herbs or essential oils.

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